Google Drive
With Google Drive, you and your team can easily collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and slide-show presentations. Your docs are stored securely in the cloud where anyone you share them (but only those people) with can work on them—either individually or all at the same time.

Tips and Tricks
  • Find out what your friends are thinking: Create a free online survey in minutes. Write down your questions, create a form and email it to your friends. See their responses in your very own online spreadsheet.
  • Get along with your new roomie: Adjusting to dorm or apartment life with a new roommate? Create a spreadsheet in Google Docs to keep track of shared expenses or trash duties.
  • Work in groups (without meeting in person): Create a presentation and add collaborators who can edit the same document. You can always go back to a previous version, and coordinating work is easy since you can see exactly who's adding what, right as they work.
  • Get class notes from a friend: Create a Google Doc for your class notes and collaborate with your classmates.
  • Upload any file: Docs also allows you to upload any file type unto their server space to share and store files such as PowerPoint presentations, papers and worksheets.