Get started with Google Sites
With Google Sites, you and your team can easily build and publish internal web sites. Use a WYSIWYG editor or work directly with HTML. You can even embed Google calendars and other gadgets on your site!

  • Ace your team project: Create a site to work together on a class project. Keep all your files and research in one place, edit shared documents, and track progress.
  • Lead a cause: From helping out in the community to playing a role in world peace, you'll want to have a site to communicate your mission, organize activities, and bring together others who share your vision.
  • Share the memories: Let all the members of your team or group easily share stories, pictures, and videos in a secure place online. You decide whether you keep your site private within your group or allow others to view it.
  • Make it easier to get together: Make staying up to date on social events easy for everyone (everyone you want to know, that is). Post dates, times, and details that only your group can see